Michelle Jenner (‘Paco’s Men’): “Sara is no longer a lolita in love, she is a professional woman”

The actress stars alongside Roberto Enríquez in ‘La cocinera de Castamar’, the adaptation of the novel of the same name for Atresplayer Premium.

Fernando S. Palenzuela February 20, 2021 (5 hours ago)

Michelle Jenner stars in ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ alongside Roberto Enríquez, giving life to Clara and Diego, respectively. The series takes us into a period drama where the impossible love between two people of different classes is narrated. We speak with the interpreters to tell us what their characters are like and how they will cope with their love relationship. In addition, Jenner tells us how it has been to return to ‘Paco’s Men’.

Headlines by Michelle Jenner and Roberto Enríquez

Michelle Jenner: « Our characters are perfectly aware that there are things that they should not be » M. J .: « Clara is not well received by everyone at court » M. J .: « All the characters in the kitchen are survivors and they feel Clara as a threat » M. J .: « Retaking ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ has been as if yesterday we had done the last sequence » M. J .: « Sara is no longer a lolita in love, she is a professional woman of her own » M. J .: « I can only talk about my work in ‘Memories of Idhún’. The other decisions are not mine » Roberto Enríquez: « Our characters are going to bet on that love with all the consequences » R. E .: « Before his wife dies, Diego is like a minister in the king’s court » R. E .: « There are multiple reasons that force you to end your duel even if you don’t want to » R. E .: « A Negro as a slave was common, but as a noble it was an anachronism » R. E .: « Diego’s father was ahead of his time and he is the one who takes a black orphan child and gives him the position that he has in his family »