The domain to which he submitted Michael Schumacher it served his rivals to win the admiration of many Formula 1 fans, but also a good handful of detractors. This is something you talked about Ross Brawn, which coincided with the legendary german pilot in Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes. According to the general manager of F1, the Kaiser was a character « quite misunderstood”Since he used to win at short distances.

« Schumacher he was quite a misunderstood character. I don’t know if inside he liked the impression he created because he was a character who was quite intimidating, but personally he was the opposite, very charming and very personal, « said the Briton in the Sky documentary series ‘Race to Perfection’.

“Many times I introduced him to people who, before meeting him, thought he was despicable and had a horrible personality; once they got to know him, they changed completely, ”Ross Brawn continued. « That happened many times because there was the pilot Michael on the track and the human Michael off the circuit, » he added.

Few knew Schumacher well

« Many people who competed against him had a different opinion, but no one I know who worked with him had bad words about him or bad opinions for his integrity, his commitment and his human side ”, concluded the general director of Formula 1.

Ross Brawn took the opportunity once again to regret the accident that Michael Schumacher suffered seven years ago: “He was a strong team player in whatever team he was in and what happened is a tragedy because he is a wonderful human being”.

Although the status of German is unknown, Jean Todt recently pointed out: “Schumacher is fighting so the world can see him again”. “By God, we know you had a terrible and unfortunate ski accident that caused you a lot of trouble. He has an extraordinary wife by his side, his children and his nurses, and we can only wish the best for him and his family. All I can do is be close to him and if I can do something else, I will« Added the one who was head of the seven-time champion at Ferrari.