Michael Schumacher predicted that Lewis Hamilton would match his seven Formula 1 World Cups

In the year 2008 Lewis Hamilton became the youngest driver to be proclaimed Formula 1 champion. The Briton thus broke the record for Fernando Alonso, which held that record since 2005. Hamilton won his first World Cup at 23 years and 300 days, while Michael Schumacher He did it with 25 years and 314 days.

Asked in 2008 whether the Briton could match his seven World Cups, Schumacher replied: “I would say that it is absolutely possible for Hamilton to reach all seven titles. Nobody thought, not even myself, that you could exceed Fangio’s five. And then I was able to do it. I even went up to seven. Records are to be broken. I am very calm because I know that someone will break my records. Be it Lewis, Massa, Vettel or whoever can come after. It may be achieved by a current or future generation rider. I do not have any problem with that”.

Although it is surprising that Michael Schumacher He did not mention Fernando Alonso, who at that time was already two-time champion, and yes to a pilot of the same age as Felipe Massa, his prediction about Vettel is also surprising. The German, aboard a Toro Rosso, had managed to be the youngest driver to win a Formula 1 grand prix. Two years later, in 2010, he beat Lewis Hamilton as the youngest driver to become World Champion.

Hamilton has equaled Schumacher

While Sebastian Vettel won four championships, Hamilton put an end to his reign in 2014. Since then the Briton has added six World Cups, only being beaten in 2016 by his teammate Nico Rosberg. Lewis Hamilton has equaled the 7 championships of Michael Schumacher, as he predicted the German could do.

HamiltonFor his part, he was not so optimistic when asked about it in 2006, when he was still participating in the GP2 Series. “Schumacher has achieved so much. I do not know if it will be possible for me to reach his championship number. I would already be happy with one … But hey, we’ll have to wait for time to pass and we’ll see ”were his words.