The mentality of Michael Jordan it was quite special, that’s something we all knew and that in « The Last Dance » it has become clear to us. But how difficult was his personality for his family not to influence the sporting aspect in the least?

That follows from the statements that Mike Tollin, executive producer of the documentary that narrates the 6 rings of Jordan and his Bulls, has made to ESPN. At no time is it said that « his airness » did not care about their partners and their children, simply that they were not as fundamental a part of their successes as they have been for other NBA stars, such as Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

His first wife, Juanita Vanoy, is not directly named at any time, while Yvette Prieto is not mentioned at all. In the 10 episodes of the documentary, there is no reference to Jordan’s wife or children as the anchor on which to support all the pressures he had to endure for being one of the most influential people in the world.

The only family he takes refuge in are his parents and his brother Larry. In Jordan’s first three-peat, his father was a critical part. Whenever he could, James Jordan came to see his son play and when he had any doubts about how to manage the fame he had to bear, he came to his aid.

The murder of his father on July 23, 1993, the summer after he got the third ring, did two things: his first retirement from basketball and trying to keep his family out of everything that was supposed to be the best player in the world. , when he returned to the courts in 1996. This supposed that the family he built was on the sidelines.

In some of the final chapters, he does make some mention of the subject, but only to argue that all the decisions he made during his career, and in them we suppose would include that of keeping his family out of the spotlight, had been correct. So he did not regret any of them, making it clear that for him, repentance or compassion shows weakness.

Carmen Electra is the only partner of a Bulls member spoken of

It is very curious to see that the only partner of any player of those Bulls referred to, in fact appears in the documentary, is Carmen Electra. The ex-vigilante from the beach does talk about her relationship with Dennis Rodman and this is where we can see what Jordan’s true goal is: to be seen as an alpha male, someone alien to the passions of other more normal people. as he considers love.

This does not mean that the six-time ring champion will not care about his family, far from it. They simply did not consider that they could be a motivation when it came to winning. His desire for victory was such that he did not need a further spur to lead his team to glory.