Michael Jordan’s most famous dunk. VIDEO

The influence of Michael Jordan is, without a doubt, undeniable. In fact, a few days ago 33 years since the most remembered dive of his career, that mate that turned them into pure NBA history and that has even become a symbol of their brand.

It was on February 6, 1988 when Michael Jordan was measured before Dominique Wilkins in the dunk contest of the Weekend of the Stars of that year, in which the world was not prepared for what that day would see in the Chicago Stadium.

It was their third meeting in the dunk contest, after Wilkins won the first in 1985 and Jordan had his rematch in 1987, so this final had a very special flavor.

Wilkins and Jordan got perfect grades with their first dunk (fifty); Dominique repeated the 50 in his second mate, but MJ got 47 with the second, so the boos of the local fans against the judges did not wait, because the second dunk seemed perfect, when making a two-handed dunk and with the body on the side.

For the final round, Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks dunked the ball with two hands and got 45 points, as it is not a very difficult mate. This opened the door for the young Bulls guard to achieve victory, as a rating of 48 points or more condemned him.

Michael Jordan had the last dunk of the contest, which became one of his most important plays. From half a block, MJ ran to the triple line, took a few more steps closer to the free throw and took a great leap stepping on that line to rise straight to the hoop.

Jordan achieved the perfect grade and won the dunk contest. But not only that, was also immortalized with the photo, establishing itself as an icon of basketball and world sports.