The Last Dance ends as ended Chicago Bulls 1998 champions: in a bittersweet way. Michael Jordan does not forget. Michael Jordan He still regrets that Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf did not renew the roster, did not give them a chance to defend the title. If he could have tried to win the seventh ring.

Thus, MJ ends his documentary on ESPN and Netflix criticizing the one who was his boss in the Bulls. Criticizing them to be released. Criticizing them for letting Pippen, Kerr, Rodman, Harper, Phil Jackson and company go. Jordan does not forgive.

“It’s crazy because I feel like we could have won seven. I really believe it,” says Jordan in The Last Dance. “Maybe we couldn’t have done it, but we should have been able to try, it’s something I just can’t accept, for whatever reason, it’s something I don’t accept.”

Here’s how Jerry Reinsdorf explained his decision to break the team:

“After the sixth championship things had gotten out of control because it would have been suicidal at that point in their careers to renew Pippen, Kerr, Rodman and Harper. Their individual markets had risen. They were going to make more money if they left. When we realized we had to rebuild the team I told Phil Jackson I could come back the following year. He said he didn’t want to rebuild, he didn’t want to coach a bad team. And that was the end. If Michaell had been healthy and I would have liked to continue I have no doubt that in a couple of years Krause would have created a champion team, but that was not going to happen instantly. ”

Jordan’s faces listening to this speech made their disagreement with it very clear:

Jordan, of course, is in total disagreement with his boss and stresses that they deserved to return to defend the title:

“Krause said earlier in the ’98 season that even if Phil finished with an 82-0 record it was not going to continue. So when Phil referred to the last dance, it was really the last dance. We knew we were not going to continue together. If you had asked all the guys who won in ’98 if they had followed one more year to try the seventh, do you think they wouldn’t have signed? Yes, we would have signed another year. Do you think Phil wouldn’t have? We would have had They had to convince Pip, but if Phil was going to go on, if Dennis was going to go on, if MJ was going to go on, to win the seventh? Pip wasn’t going to miss that. ”

Thus ends The Last Dance, with the deep regret of MJ, the best player ever, to be forced to retire without having the right to defend his sixth ring. Reason was not lacking.