It was the decisive game of the 1997 Finals. With a tie of two in the tie Chicago Bulls He was visiting Salt Lake City to face the Utah Jazz of John Stockton and Karl Malone. The night before, Michael Jordan He ordered a pizza that did not sit well with him and claims that they tried (and in a way managed) to intoxicate him.

In The Last Dance His personal trainer Tim Grover says that up to five people came to bring him the famous pizza: “Five guys to take a pizza. All trying to look in the room. I took the pizza and paid for it. I had a bad feeling about that pizza.”

Despite this, Jordan ate it: “I ate the pizza myself. No one else tried a bite of that pizza. Then I woke up at two-thirty in the morning vomiting.”

“I didn’t have the flu in that game. The food was poisoned.”

We will never know who delivered that pizza, but the fact is that, if it was really poisoned as MJ explains, it did not achieve its purpose. Jordan finished the duel with 38 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists including a decisive triple at the end for a 90-88 adjusted victory that was key in those Finals. Jordan was really weak and had to be helped by Scottie Pippen to get off the track.