Just a week after the end of the documentary The Last Dance, continues to speak vehemently of one of the great controversies around Michael Jordan and his sports career, such as the rivalry maintained with Isiah Thomas. The base of the Detroit Pistons He was the protagonist during several episodes and there was much talk about whether Jordan had been the one who had vetoed his presence in the Dream Team. The one from the Chicago Bulls denied it in the round, but an audio recorded in 2011 and that has been leaked now, as published by ESPN, contradicts his version.

In it, Jordan is heard talking to a journalist, Jack McCallum, about conversations with Rod Thorn, member of the committee that selected the players who went to the national team of the United States. “Rod called me to propose the idea and I told him that if Isiah played I would not come. He replied that the technical team did not have him, so there was no problem,” the best player in history is heard saying.

This is far from its version offered in The Last Dance and Rod Thorn himself, who denied the possibility that Michael had directly vetoed the presence of Isiah Thomas at Dream team. This revelation can be quite a stir and detract from the credibility of the image, which is already quite damaged in some respects. Michel Jordan after the broadcast of the documentary. It is a matter of nuances, but it seems of remarkable gravity that one player could veto another directly, and there have been several versions to hide that veto.

04/29/2020 09:04

Rod Thorn, a former Team USA executive, spoke about the moments leading up to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and debunked an urban myth.

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