Michael Jordan joins Lebron James on Space Jam 2

With the Los Angeles star Lakers, Lebron James, spearheading the project Space jam: A New Legacy, few would imagine Michael Jordan going back to acting. And yet here we are.

While circulating, actor Don Cheadle not only poked fun at the former Chicago Bulls icon’s appearance, but flatly confirms it, albeit a bit cryptic. “Michael Jordan it’s in the movie, ”Cheadle says at the 9:02 mark in the video above. “But not in the way you would expect.”

Anyway, going back to Space Jam: A New Legacy. It is important to note, like the project that Michael Jordan He headed in his day, that this movie is for children. It’s still funny that older adults have very strong opinions about a kids movie every time they see a leak or Lebron James says something about the project.

However, let the theories begin. What do you think his role will be (assuming Don is not kidding)? Are they just old clips from Michael Jordan? Maybe it will come out of nowhere to give a life advice to Lebron James? Will the GOAT be in Space Jam: A New Legacy?

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