Michael Jordan It has been away from the media spotlight since its withdrawal. He has gone from giving personal interviews. He has gone from telling his story. So The Last Dance it is so interesting. This is why The Last Dance is being so successful. Because, in addition to the wonderful unpublished images of the title of 98, we are seeing a Michael Jordan talking about his past clearly, without hair on his tongue, almost for the first time.

And, so long without appearing in the media, some chains have made great offers to have you on the air. In fact, as his former agent David Falk has commented on the WFAN show “Boomer and Gio”, he even rejected a $ 100 million offer for a two-hour interview:

“We had an agreement for a hundred million dollars three years ago. All he had to do, besides give his name and say he liked it, appear for a couple of hours to announce the agreement, but he ended up rejecting it.”

“God bless him. He’s been so successful, he’s got a chance to decide what he wants and what he doesn’t want to do. I really admire that a lot. He’s very selective about the things he gets into.”

At the time, he also went from a $ 7 million offer to play a golf tournament one day in Asia. There are many situations that Jordan has rejected throughout his career.

He also spoke of his fondness for gambling: “There are few things for which he can be criticized. People have done it for his fondness for gambling. He loves it. He is very competitive and occasionally he loses money and takes it badly, but that does not make him accept an economic offer to recover it. “