Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen they had a common enemy: the general manager of Chicago Bulls Jerry Krause. This visceral hatred occasionally made them behave more aggressively towards certain rivals.

In The Last Dance we see a couple of clear examples of that. First at the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics, when they went for Toni Kukoc, a player who had signed the Bulls and who was liked by Krause, who had come to affirm that the Balkan was the future of the franchise. Thus, Jordan and Pippen made tremendous defenses in the two games that faced the United States and Croatia during the championship. They even encouraged the rest of the Dream Team colleagues to also go for him.

But Kukoc was not the only victim of Jordan and Pippen’s hatred of Krause. A year later, in the 1993 Finals against the Phoenix Suns, they went for Dan Majerle. This is how Jordan himself explains it in the ESPN documentary:

“I knew Jerry Krause loved Dan Majerle. And just because Krause liked him was enough of a reason for me. He believed he was a great advocate, so I said to myself that I was going to prove to him that he was not. I put my mind to that, because if I don’t, they will consider him to be at my level. And that motivated me to attack him. ”

Apparently in 1995 there was a strong rumor that Pippen could have been traded to the Suns in exchange for Majerle and some other piece. That would have brought the enemy home. It is something that did not happen.