Michael Jordan was during the 1980s and 1990s a phenomenon not only sports, but also social and cultural. As portrayed in some passages of “The Last Dance”, Jordan’s popularity was so great that he could not go anywhere without being chased by hundreds of people, who were looking for a photo or a memory of the idol.

However, Jordan, like the rest of mortals, often needed to go shopping. The story Jerry Bembry told of The Undefeated was told by Brad Sellers, a former MJ teammate at the Bulls and about the only way Jordan had to go shopping without having a bad time.

As quoted in the article, Sellers comments that “you see in the first episodes MJ washing her clothes, living like a common person.” However, “as he got bigger and bigger in basketball, there came a point where he couldn’t go out. I remember one day I asked him, ‘Michael, how do you eat?’ That’s when he told me that he used to call Jewel-Osco about 15 minutes before they closed and told them he was on his way, so they kept open to let him buy. “

Seller also said that Jordan used to pay large tips to local workers, paying the favor they did for staying open and letting him buy in peace. Well reflected is the popularity situation of MJ in chapters 5 and 6 of “The Last Dance”, so it is not surprising that Jordan was just looking to be a common person for a while.