The accreditation Michael Jackson used to attend the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix as a special guest is up for auction on the eBay portal. The King of Pop visited the Sakhir track and met Michael Schumacher.

Michael Jackson, one of the most influential music and media artists in history, also stepped on a Formula 1 paddock. It happened in 2006 in Bahrain, three years before his unexpected death – involuntary homicide at the hands of his personal physician Conrad. Murray, according to the judge, from acute tranquilizer poisoning.

Now, Jackson’s accreditation is up for auction on the eBay portal with a starting price of 900 euros. A unique collector’s item that fuses love for our sport and for the music of the American legend.

This price includes, in addition to the accreditation itself, a photograph of Michael Jackson with Michael Schumacher taken that same weekend. An image found in the memory gallery of the Kaiser’s founding. Also attached is the official Grand Prix program and the official timesheets for each session.

Back then, Jackson lived in Bahrain and took advantage of the arrival of the Grand Circus in the Gulf to see the cars up close. The singer visited the Ferrari motorhome and later met Schumacher in person who finished in second place, overtaken by Fernando Alonso. The German was surprised by the shyness of the King of Pop.

“We met during one of my last races, in 2006 in Bahrain. I was very surprised how someone who is so great on stage can be so insecure, shy and fearful in real life. That’s probably because many people took advantage of him, “Schumacher told the German Bunte magazine.

Schumacher was referring in these words to the allegations of child abuse against the singer in 1993. A judge found Jackson not guilty after he paid $ 23 million to the family of the young Jordan Chandler to close the matter.

After the singer’s death, Chandler himself admitted that he lied when he alleged that Michael Jackson sexually abused him. It was a whole plot for his father to enrich himself at the cost of the singer’s false guilt.

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