Michael Jackson: I was 13 when my father took away my manhood

Michael Jackson: I was 13 when my father took away my manhood (Instagram)

Michael Jackson: I was 13 when my father took away my manhood | Instagram

It was after several years that the singer Michael Jackson dared to relate a disturbing reality that tormented him from the age of 13, the age when his own father and manager, Joe jackson, made a decision that would change his life.

While the voice of Michael jackson rose like foam to success, a stage in which he made his debut in the famous group “The Jacksons five”, his personality was increasingly vulnerable to the decisions of a father who sacrificed what was most valuable to his son, all in order to to achieve fame.

The interpreter of the successful songs ”
Thriller“” Billie Jean “, etcetera, details the moment he accompanied his father on the most unforgettable day of his life, which he defined was” chilling. ”

When arriving at the place, and with only
13 years old did not imagine what his life would change, according to the words of the call ”
King of Pop“:” He was never the same again. ”

That day he took me to the consultation of a dubious doctor, and ended with one of my biggest dreams, I was never the same again, said the musical star.

The above would undoubtedly generate several traumas of which he would not be able to overcome completely throughout his life. His father and “protector” would have ended with one of his biggest dreams besides music.

I dreamed of being Peter Pan and never becoming a man, growing up no longer made sense if I could never start a family, he points out.

This afternoon we were both waiting to be seen, when I heard that I was next, I did not know what I was going for but my father seemed determined, we had arrived in advance for the consultation, he was very anxious and I did not know why.

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Years later, the artist revealed what he would keep in the depths of his being for a long time, something that would generate shame and a lot of sadness, what Jackson, his father, did in order to make him famous, at the cost of his “manhood “, they reveal.

He would not let me ask him questions and I kept silent, until I realized that everything had to do with my manhood, I did not want to disappoint him because he spent the day scolding me, I steeled myself, while inside I longed for the earth to swallow me.

It took several years to keep this secret secret, the interpreter himself would have pointed out at some point.

Upon learning about it, your GP, Conrad MurrayHe tried to help him, he knew everything Jackson had been through and wanted to reverse the damage his father had caused him, however, “it was impossible” as the singer described: “There was nothing he could do about it.”

The physician, Murray allegedly declared, that he hoped that “Michael’s father, could find peace for his soul in hell.”

The fact that Michael has been chemically castrated to keep his voice sharp is beyond words.

Joe Jackson’s goal

One of the most disturbing aspects of the relationship between the famous singer and his father was when Joe Jackson would choose to “chemically c @ strar” the youngest of his children so that he would forever retain the authentic sharpness of his voice, according to one of the many versions that have circulated around the life of the pop star.

He never stopped to think about Michael’s pain, their objectives, nor to the insecure future to which he was subjected with his decision, this would also have meant the origin of the division of the Jackson family as revealed.

Likewise, it was also the act that gave the American singer the courage to become independent and take charge of his career, which rebounded after his release as a soloist.

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This would be one of the main reasons for the division in the Jackson family as well as the watershed for Michael to seek independence and direction in his own life and career, which has rebounded since his release as a soloist.