Michael Jackson autopsy would reveal new clues to King of Pop’s mysterious ending | AP

New autopsy results performed on Michael Jackson would yield results that will help determine the causes of his mysterious departure.

The disturbing forensic study carried out on the remains of the pop idol would offer new clues to clarify his mysterious death to date.

The music star left this world in June 2009 and now, eleven years after his autopsy, more details are known about what his last hours were like.

Michael Jackson, the so-called « King of Pop ». .

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It is worth mentioning that Jackson presented a large number of marks on the skin producing surgical interventions and injections from the doctor, Conrad MurrayIn addition to being revealed, he wore a wig.

Doctor Conrad Murray, GP of the « King of Pop ». AP

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Similarly, it was found that the artist He wore tattoos on his eyebrows and part of his dark-colored hair and his mouth was painted pink, in addition, they found traces of the presence of pills in his stomach that were partially digested.

Michael Jackson in an appearance in 2005. AP

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Among other details, his physical appearance was largely due to implants and the use of elements that « King of Pop« used to hide certain defects.

The star had bruised knees and surprisingly lacked hair so she wore a wig, apparently since 1984 after suffering an accident during a commercial for a well-known brand of soft drinks for which he would suffer second and third degree burns.

This is what Michael Jackson looked like before all surgical procedures. AP

Apparently his state of health could also have been mostly affected, since according to a video he exposes that he only ate one meal a day, due to the fact that he was supposedly fighting against anorexia.

He also had the disease of Vitiligo reason why his body presented many light and dark spots on his skin, as well as presenting bruises on the chest and broken ribs.

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The latter, derived from the attempts of the paramedics to save his life, however, his feet They also looked very bad looking, full of corns and fungi, almost rotten, as well as some particular marks on the back.

It was even known that the interpreter of « Thriller«  » Billie Jean « , etc took antibiotics to treat fungal infections of his feet, so he always wore socks as he was ashamed of them and nobody could tell them.

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Despite the fact that some of these details were already known, some other details were recently revealed based on the aforementioned tests, as detailed by the newspaper Minutonequen.com