Michael J. Fox retires from acting

Michael J Fox announced his retirement from acting. The announcement was included in the recent memoir published by the actor, which is titled No Time Like the Future. There, he announces that this decision is due to problems with his health, which is deteriorating more and more.

michael j fox retirementMichael J. Fox will walk away from the cameras.

This writes the actor from Back to the Future (via MovieWeb):

“There is a time for everything and my time to spend twelve hours in a work day and memorize seven pages is over. At least for now… I will go into a second retreat. That could change, because everything changes. But If this is the end of my acting career, then so be it”.

When referring to a “second withdrawal”, the actor alludes to the fact that, in 2000, he momentarily moved away from the spotlight, although this did not remain so, because shortly after he returned to the activity with small roles in Scrubs, The Good Wife or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Later, in 2013, he ventured to lead a sitcom that, appropriately enough, was called The Michael J. Fox Show. The show was a fiction that mixed elements of his personal life with original narratives. Unfortunately, despite the good reviews, it was canceled after only one season.

michael j fox retirementMichael J. Fox in The American President (1995).

Another thing Fox confesses is that your short-term memory is no longer working as before. Therefore, he struggled a lot working on his last two audiovisual projects. Added to this, due to his diagnosis with Parkinson’s in 1991, another of his passions, which is playing the guitar, is no longer an alternative for him. Fortunately, he found a new taste: writing, an occupation he quite enjoys. Michael J Fox announced his retirement from acting, but he is sure to give us many new stories on paper.

Similarly, someone who will also step away from the cameras to take up the pen is Quentin Tarantino.

Michael J. Fox retirement

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