Michael Cole is one of the most prestigious commentators on WWE and wrestling in general. Since 1997 Cole has shown a lot of professionalism and loyalty to Vince McMahon’s company. Let’s remember a very important point in his career, where he earned everyone’s respect, It was when he managed to continue narrating while his comment partner Jerry ¨The King¨ Lawlet was suffering from cardiac arrest.

Since then, he has earned many respects from fans to WWE wrestlers. Michael Cole has managed to do something quite complicated, narrating individually and splendidly the WWE shows without an audience that have been performed in recent weeks.

Promoted as Vice President of Commentators

All of Michael Cole’s loyalty and professionalism was going to pay off. PW Insider reported that Cole received great news from the company where he works, WWE, as he was promoted to vice president of commentators.. This happened several weeks ago, but came to light a few days ago.

¨Michael Cole has been promoted by World Wrestling Entertainment and has won a new corporate title. vice president of commentators. This promotion took place several weeks ago.¨

As we have said before, Michael Cole has been working for WWE since 1997. In this entire period of time, Cole apart from being a commentator, He also participated in various backstage or ring segments. Recall when Brock Lesnar applied two F5s to him in 2015. Recall Michael Cole’s heel days, even having fights in WWE.

All this and more has earned the admiration and respect of the company to receive this great promotion as vice president of commentators.

Congratulations Michael Cole!

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