For a few days, singer Michael Bublé has been in the eye of the storm. The fans of his wife, the actress Luisana Lopilato, assure that the young woman suffers gender violence and these are the signals collected in each live of the couple. OMG!

April 25, 2020

A few days ago, social networks posed to “monitor” the singer Michael Bublé after the singer, in an Instagram video together with his wife Luisana Lopilato, he grabbed her arm abruptly.

Although she and her family defended the artist, last Wednesday he again had a questionable attitude towards her, taking her arm again.

This is an interesting compilation of the moments that we have seen live from Canada to Lopilato and his partner Bublé, father of their children, in recent weeks.

“Bublé exerts macho violence in a physical and emotional way”, “re violent!”, “Luisana I got out of there”, “he always talks arrogantly”, “I was outraged at this treatment”, were some of the comments made by fans on Twitter, making Luisana Lopilato a trending topic.

Luisana Lopilato and her husband Michael Bublé.

According to the followers of the Argentine actress, the evidence is: different requests they have made during the live shows, such as “touch your hair if you suffer from violence” or “touch your nose”, have been accepted by Luisana Lopilato and therefore, surprised with subsequent statements, in Bublé’s defense. If she is a victim, he forces her to hide it.

“It is important to be vigilant in order to help women who are having a hard time. I was pleased to see the level of awareness that my followers have with this topic. I am proud to be Argentine and your messages show me once again all the love that you have for me, that you have for us. So thank you, but this is not my case, “he concluded.