Michael Bay produces the first film set in the pandemic and which will be released in December

It was a matter of time before cinematographic fiction began to pull the bandwagon with films set in the Covid pandemic. It has always been a recurring theme in action movies and global catastrophes but in this 2020 fiction could break the barrier of reality because this time there is a global pandemic. The next December 11 opens ‘Songbird’, the film produced by the successful Michael Bay and that its main argument is the coronavirus pandemic. The film will be available on December 11 and for two days on video-on-demand platforms.

Starring Sofia Carson, in the title role of Sara, and KJ Apa, in the role of Nico, ‘Songbird’ has reputable names in its cast such as Demi moore, Paul Walter Hauser, Alexandra Daddario, Peter Stormare, Bradley Whitford or Craig Robinson. The film tells the story of a couple struggling to survive, in the year 2024, to a pandemic of a much more deadly strain of the coronavirus. In the case of the movie, the virus kills 50% of those infected. While the world’s population has become accustomed to confinement, Sara tries by all means to avoid ending up in a kind of concentration camp for infected. Nico, a home delivery man with a rare immunity to coronavirus, will join Sara and help her at all costs.

‘Songbird’, directed by Adam Manson, is not without criticism. With many who have called the tape inopportune and opportunistic. However, the most curious can pay between 15 and 17 euros to see it. Even though They will only have 48 hours to do so from December 11. Michael Bay has produced some of the most successful latest action films such as ‘A Quiet Place’ or ‘The Purge’.

The director of ‘Songbird’ explained the plot of his film to Ladbible: a terrifying dystopian world, but it’s a romantic movie about two people who want to be together, but can’t. They are Romeo and Juliet, but they are separated by the door of their house and by the virus.