Michael B. Jordan responds to accusations of cultural appropriation for his rum

As soon as the footage from the J’Ouvert launch party invaded the internet, Michael B. Jordan fans took offense at the name of his rum. J’Ouvert is the name of a cultural celebration that takes place every year in the Caribbean and since the actor has no relationship with this region, his Followers took offense and pointed it out on Twitter.

It is important to note that the box and the bottle of the rum contain the logo and the name of Trinidad and Tobago along with the legend: “Derived from the French Creole term antelliano that means ‘dawn’, J’Ouvert originated in the streets of Trinidad before dawn, as emancipation celebrations combined with the Carnival season to serve as informal starts to the festival.Made in those same islands, J’Ouvert Rum is a tribute to the ‘beginning of the party’.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Imagine trying to explain what jouvert is to someone and they say” oh the Michael B. Jordan rum. “

“I am seriously offended by this. I can’t help how I feel.”

“My problem is why MBJ cannot produce rum in Trinidad and Tobago if you are using our culture, the country logo and the Trinidad name on the display box, let us benefit financially as well, not just because of the exposure.”

A short time later, the rapper Nicki Minaj who belongs to the Island of Trinidad defended him claiming that she was sure that the actor he had not done it with the intention of offending the culture. “I am sure MBJ did not intentionally do anything that would be offensive to the people of the Caribbean, but now that you know, let him change the name and continue to flourish and prosper,” the cante wrote about an Instagram post that explained all the controversy.

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