There are several voices that point out that this could be a reality

The queen category has been considering this possibility for several years

Miami does not finish entering the Formula 1 calendar. Initially, it was expected to debut in the premier class in 2019, but it has been delayed due to problems with the neighbors and a change of scenery. Now, several voices point out that this second GP in the United States could finally be a reality from the year 2022.

Emerson Fittipaldi, Formula 1 driver from 1970 to 1980, is clear that the Miami GP will soon be a reality. He considers that the initial location thought for this was better, but admits that the current one will cause fewer problems. It should be remembered that the Great Circus reached an agreement with Miami by 2021, although the coronavirus crisis only increases uncertainty.

“It will surely be two years from now. Like many people, I would prefer a career in the Biscayne Boulevard area, but staying around Hard Rock Stadium is much more convenient for everyone,” he said in statements collected by Auto Week.

Tavo Hellmund, promoter who made possible the return of the queen category to Mexico and the United States, also considers that a second race in the American country will come in a couple of years. It also highlights the involvement of the owner of the stadium around which the circuit would be and the Miami Dolphins.

“The chances of seeing a Formula 1 race in Miami in 2022 are excellent. It is always a matter of making the numbers work, but with Stephen Ross’s influence in the Miami area, his support will definitely work in the race’s favor.” , Has expressed.

For his part, Chase Carey, CEO of Liberty Media, maintains his intention that Miami join the calendar in the near future. He admits that it has been a difficult path because of the controversy that has been created with this matter, but he trusts that the proposal will go forward.

“The steps and processes we go through to finish a career always bring complications. But I think we feel good about the path we are on and about the opportunity to make the race in Miami a reality in the short term,” he said.

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