Miami-Dade police rule out Champlain Towers collapse was an attack

This Thursday, the County Police Miami Dade ruled out that the collapse of the condominium Champlain Towers on Surfside, Miami, it was a terrorist attack.

According to information provided by the spokesperson for that security force, Álvaro Zabaleta to Infobae, the possibility that it was a terrorist attack is ruled out.

Zabaleta pointed out that so far the reasons that could cause the collapse of the condominium are not known, however everything points to a failure in the structure.

40-year-old inspection was able to prevent the collapse of Miami

The regulatory inspection for the 40 years of construction of the building is mandatory and did not arrive on time, it was about to be carried out according to the information provided by some neighbors.

The Champlain Towers condominium had been erected in 1981 on number 8777 Collins Avenue, this year it was due the regulatory inspection which would determine if the place was still habitable or should undergo various arrangements, as Infobae learned.

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