Miami commissioner accuses Alex Díaz de la Portilla of supporting places that sell illegal alcohol in his district – Telemundo Miami (51)

Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo accuses Commissioner Alex Díaz de la Portilla of supporting illegal alcohol outlets in his district after code inspectors found Díaz de la Portilla in a business they went to inspect.

After the incident, Díaz de la Portilla responds against these accusations, assuring that it is a political vendetta, while acknowledging that at the beginning of April he was in a new business that operated as a nightclub a few minutes after curfew, but alleges that everything else that has surrounded this fact is commissioner Carollo’s fabrication.

The body cameras of Miami police officers captured Commissioner Alex Díaz de la Portilla speaking with code inspectors who were inspecting a business that is a warehouse by day and a nightclub by night, everything happened after the curfew in April.

“I was there until 12:05 at night, five minutes after curfew, that’s nothing to see because there was no illegal activity there,” says Díaz de la Portilla, who assures that he was invited to see the new businesses trying to invest in Allapattah.

Regarding the controversy over the illegal sale of alcohol and other accusations, he tells us that everything “is a political vendetta of Mr. Carollo. Mr. Carollo is known to divert attention from the problem that he has.”

We confirmed that the club where Díaz de la Portilla was staying had a license to sell alcohol and a business permit from the county. That night they were fined for the lack of other permits required by the city.

Díaz de la Portilla targets businesses in Little Havana, a district that Joe Carollo represents. “In his district, more than a dozen illegal bars where there is prostitution, drug sales, alcohol sales for minors and even illegal gambling so to divert attention to that he has it with me now.”

Today we also spoke with Carollo, the Miami commissioner says: “I have nothing to do with that, it was he who was found in the situation that you have reported.”

And on the list of establishments where Díaz de la Portilla affirms that there is illegal activity and the commissioner, according to him, turns a blind eye. “I can’t tell you that there can’t be some hidden bar that could have illegal activity (but) tell me to send the Police.”

For the alleged work of a ghost employee hired at the behest of the commissioner.

But Carollo and Díaz de la Portilla were not always political enemies. At the time of elections, they were strong allies. When asked what happened between them, Díaz de la Portilla replied: “I think I cast a little shadow on him, he became envious. the center of attention, he has always wanted to be, and now he is not. ”

Faced with the same question, Carollo responds: “Just look at Mr. Díaz de la Portilla, he wanted to go one way, that’s why the entire commission is on one side and he is on the other.”

Portilla cautions that Commissioner Carollo has a 37-year scandal history of attacking people. While Carollo defends himself saying that “if he wants to do things his way in a dark way, there he can.

Despite the tensions between them, the commission meeting this Thursday was held without major conflicts, while the battle continues around nightclubs.

While during the last meeting the Commission approved a proposal by Carollo to strengthen inspections of illegal alcohol sales this afternoon Díaz de la Portilla is going to present his own resolution against bars where there are allegedly prostitution and illegal gambling.