Mia Khalifa wears black body and sheer lace stockings

Mia Khalifa wears black body and sheer lace stockings | Instagram

While she was concentrating on her photo shoot, the beautiful ex actress Mia Khalifa delighted her followers while wearing lace and transparencies by means of a bodysuit and stockings.

For the beautiful Instagram celebrity, it is quite easy to attract attention, especially because her fame precedes her, thanks to the fact that in 2014 she worked for the adult entertainment industry.

His popularity to this day has not stopped ceasing, now we can also see Mia khalifa modeling exquisite garments that any woman would enchant and every man would manage to drive them out of their boxes.

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The same happened with a Photo in which she appears sitting on the floor, with her feet crossed and her gaze fixed, while posing in the most flirtatious way showing a little of her huge charms with this striking bodysuit and stockings both with lace and in black.


He made this publication through Instagram 133 weeks ago, to be more exact he shared it on October 21, 2018.

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At that time she was still using the Patreon application, today it is more up-to-date as she now uses OnlyFans like many other celebrities just like her.

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