Mia Khalifa wears a flirty outfit, Selena Quintanilla style!

Mia Khalifa wears a flirty outfit, Selena Quintanilla style! | Instagram

The remembered singer and so-called queen of TexMex Selena quintanilla continues to influence fashion, Mia Khalifa has been captured with an outfit quite similar to those used by the interpreter of “I have no more.”

Although it is worth mentioning that this fashion had already been used years ago, but one of the best references will continue to be Selena, so when you see the look of the pretty social media celebrity we immediately thought of her.

So when we saw Mia khalifa Wearing flared trousers in brown, with a purple sweater that let her marked abdomen show a little reminded us of the famous singer.

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On May 9 of this year the actress He shared this photo on his official Twitter account, apparently his followers liked him a lot despite not showing so much his beautiful skin.

Apparently he likes these garments a lot because in one of the comments he wrote that he would rebel in the event that someone removed this type of pants, which were very fashionable in the 80s.

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Thing that surely quite a few ladies agreed with because this retro fashion is quite striking, but above all comfortable and flirtatious.

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