Mia Khalifa “turns on” Instagram under the shower in a pink swimsuit

Mia khalifa he uses his Instagram account for fun and seduction. From her sensual looks to images with her curves exposed. Anything goes for the porn ex-actress when it comes to not going unnoticed among her more than 24.5 million fans.

A few days ago, the Lebanese took the opportunity to raise the temperature through some photos and a video where she appears showing her profile and back attributes, clad in a pink bathing suit under the shower.

“No one acts thicker than a skinny girl with a little bit of ass” – I don’t make the rules, I just have to follow them 💀 “, the sexy 28-year-old wrote in the publication. At the moment, it accumulates almost a million and a half ‘likes’ and more than seven thousand comments.

“You are adorable 😍” “Rich Mamacita ❤️🔥” and “You look divine 😊” were some of the compliments she received.

Previously, Mia Khalifa wanted to congratulate her partner, Robert Sandberg, on her anniversary with some images where what attracted attention was the tight dress she used without a bra and showed a tremendous “side boob”.

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