Mia Khalifa reveals what she did after their separation!

Mia Khalifa reveals what she did after their separation! | Instagram

A week ago the actress and model Mia Khalifa shared the news that she was separating from her husband Robert Sandberg, recently confessed that he did after announcing his divorce.

The couple got married in 2019, but they had not celebrated big due to the pandemic because they had to postpone the celebration of the beautiful celebrity and her husband, who is also a youtuber as well as a chef.

After a full year of therapy the couple decided to separate ending up as very good friends, it was two years of marriage that many will forever remember looking adorable together, despite their differences.

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Which would not be a surprise to many, they immediately began to reach her direct messages to be able to conquer her, so she chose to be blocking contacts.

Stating that there had been many contacts that he had to block, since he was going through a separation and many people could not respect him.

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Nowadays Mia khalifa She is 28 years old, she is still very young so surely in the future she will find someone who will adore her, because she is a woman not only beautiful but also intelligent and bold.

In addition to messages trying to conquer her, many of her fans sent her messages of support and affection, and even some jokes.

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