After the rumors that Bertín Osborne had been fired from Mediaset because he did not record new installments of ‘My house is yours’ and that the presenter denied it, the team has already started to work again. ANDt Tuesday, June 30, the recordings have been resumed with a new challenge for Bertín: Learn unpublished aspects about the biography and professional trajectory of prominent characters while discovering with them the places that have made them who they are.

Bertín Osborne and Concha Velasco, in ‘My house is yours’

In the new season of ‘My house is yours’, produced by the network in collaboration with Proamagna, Osborne will travel to those places that have marked the vital and professional trajectory of its guests to rediscover them with them while chatting leisurely. In each installment, the guest will be accompanied by family and friends, with whom he will remember some of the most important moments of his life.

The first destination of the program will be Valladolid, where the presenter will meet one of the great icons of national performance and the Gold Medal of the city that saw her born: Concha Velasco. Together they will tour places loaded with a special meaning for the actress and singer that will serve as a starting point for talk about his youth, his beginnings in the world of acting and the most unknown aspects of his life and prolific career, among other aspects.

Other guests to come

Mediaset has already unveiled the names of three other faces that will be interviewed in this new season. These are the presenter Jesús Vázquez, the designer Vicky Martín Berrocal and the journalist LLydia Lozano, who will take the program team to Formentera, Huelva and La Palma, respectively.