Mhoni Vidente: Silvia Pinal and Vicente Fernández at risk of leaving

Mhoni Vidente: Silvia Pinal and Vicente Fernández at risk of leaving (Reform)

Mhoni Vidente: Silvia Pinal and Vicente Fernández at risk of leaving | Reform

The die is cast! The famous Mhoni Seer has released her accurate predictions and in them there is not very good news for the entertainment world; because it ensures that the current virus will continue to do its thing and attack celebrities, including Doña Silvia Pinal and Don Vicente Fernández.

According to the Cuban seer, the world of entertainment will mourn the greats of music who will be at risk of going to the afterlife as a result of a contagion of the current virus; However, to the surprise of many, not only the oldest ones will suffer the onslaught of this disease.

Yes, the situation with this virus that completely plagued humanity and there you realize that human beings are completely humble before God and that the death letter comes out, shared the famous Mhoni Seer in her predictions section in Here with you. .

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Mhoni Vidente has revealed the list that no one wants to be on, or that idols are: Silvia Pinal, Vicente Fernandez, Mick Jagger, Elton John and the one who most surprised everyone by his youth, Bruno Mars, are those who are at serious risk of losing their lives due to covid-19.

That I definitely see Mick Jagger, I see him very delicate, he has to take great care of himself; Elton John, who is very delicate in health matters; also someone very young in matters of this, Bruno Mars, who is very young, but all that surrounds him the letter of death. Vicente Fernández, also here in Mexico and Silvia Pinal, expressed the wind.

The viddente who will jump to success in the Sabadazo program thanks to her successful predictions stressed that these notices should not be taken in a bad way or that they are a fact that will occur; Mhoni Vidente ensures that his predictions are warnings and measures can be taken to prevent what is expected from happening; so he asks those who are close to these characters to warn them so that they take care of themselves and be more alert to their health.

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They definitely have to see that these are predictions to prevent what might happen; So if you are listening to me, watching, pass the word to him: Mhoni says he sees something bad about your lungs Vicente take care of yourself more; Silvita, Mhoni has already given the recommendation, or I’m going out, I’m going to take care of myself now at Christmas parties.

The famous one pointed out that the arrival of the vaccine can be a real problem if it is not taken calmly, since when it is known that there is already a vaccine many people will stop taking care of themselves and that is when infections will increase notably; The Cuban stressed that we must worry about the elderly since they will not endure the coronavirus in the same way and probably many more will leave.

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Mhoni Seer invited to raise awareness and on these festive dates, the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Christmas, New Year and others, not to neglect the care to keep the coronavirus away from their families.

Mhoni Vidente had already spoken about this situation in his briefs of the show for the month of December, a video that he shared on his YouTube channel and in which he pointed out that Luis Miguel was also at risk of losing his life.

I see a sick Mick Jagger, I see a sick Elton John, I see a sick Luis Miguel, I see very important people in the artistic milieu who are sick, who is going to be dragging the famous almost to the brink of life or else to death, predicted Mhoni Seer.