Mhoni Vidente reveals, the virus will take the lives of three iconic celebrities | Instagram

Mhoni seer He shared a revealing prediction that will mourn the world of entertainment with the departure of three characters he pointed.

In one of the most recent videos in which he shares his predictions, the seer warns that the virus it will continue to do its thing and unfortunately the entertainment world will continue to be part of its victims.

Mhoni Seer predicts tragedy in entertainment. Capture Youtube

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Through some of his predictions for the month of July, the fortune teller begins the series of predictions with a very unfortunate news for the middle of the showThrough her reading of letters, the seer proves the dreaded vision.

This death letter is indicating to me that people very dear to the show, people older than 70, 75, 80, I see three deaths from the Chinese virus, he said.

The virus three lives in show business, says Mhoni Vidente. Capture Youtube

And it is that as it has come to know some artists they are in poor health after facing the dangerous Covid-19 virus that has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world.

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Also, some celebrities of the show business Between actors and musicians they have left earlier than expected after it was revealed that they would have contracted the condition, which after presenting complications they could not overcome.

The victims are three very dear characters in Mexico and Latin America. ensures. Capture Youtube

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But apparently, there are more vids that this virus is willing to charge, says the seer, who also revealed that they will be « three very beloved characters from Latin America and Mexico, who would present pictures of pneumonia or influenza caused by this virus. »

A comedian of 80 or more years, warns, an artist, a man over 75 years old, a woman, a singer and much loved by the Mexican people also over 70 years old who will lose his life due to respiratory arrest, a complication derived from the virus damned,

Mhoni Vidente revealed some clues about the possible victims who will leave due to complications from the virus. Capture Youtube

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The famous clairvoyant revealed that these three characters They will leave almost at the same time and it will be a strong blow for Mexico since the three are very dear.

Three people are going to leave almost at the same time, they are going to be with God, after that virus that made them prey to the disease.

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So the seer He invited everyone to continue to maintain extreme care and follow the recommendations.

Take away fear from the mind and remove disease from the body, he stated forcefully in his message.