Mhoni Vidente predicts: 80’s actress will lose her life Silvia Pinal?

Mhoni Vidente predicts: 80’s actress will lose her life Silvia Pinal? | Instagram

That’s right, the famous Cuban Mhoni Seer ensures that very soon a actress 80 years old he will lose his life, and several names came to light, since many are already worrying about the health of several of the actors of the golden cinema.

Yesterday the seer shared some of her predictions from the entertainment world and there was one that undoubtedly aroused concern among Mexicans.

And it is that during the predictions video, Mhoni revealed that a woman will lose her life, an icon of Mexican performance, and that is why it was thought that it would be Silvia Pinal.

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Well, as you may recall, it was recently announced that the first actress Silvia Pinal has been hospitalized since the weekend and according to what has been shared about her health, for the moment she is stable.

It should be noted that the entrance to the Mexican gold film actress occurred on June 27 and according to what Sylvia Pasquel told El Universal, her mother is fortunately stable, she was even able to talk with her and they are studying her, already As he explained, Silvia suffers from an arrhythmia that is being controlled with medications.

It is important to note that the matriarch of the Pinals underwent routine check-ups, her medications were changed and now she is very well, she even commented that her family is very calm because Silvia Pinal is improving in terms of her health.

That is why in part the prediction of the seer could be wrong, and without a doubt it is something that many people actually expect.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Mhoni Vidente issued predictions against the Pinal family since April.

It was there where he said that great misfortunes would fall on the Guzmán Pinal family, even Silvia Pinal’s son, Luis Enrique Guzmán was approached by the media recently and very upset he did not want to comment.

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During the month of April, Mhoni Vidente predicted great misfortunes for the Guzmán Pinal family, at that time the case between Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán and Enrique Guzmán was full, it was even revealed that Silvia Pinal was taking a few days off in Acapulco to get away from all the scandal.

In fact, it was at that time when the Cuban predicted that there would be several lawsuits against Enrique Guzmán, not only that of Frida Sofía and, as he said, the loss of one of the pillars of the Pinal dynasty or associated with Enrique Guzmán was seen.

And as if that were not enough, he explained that the tragedies are not going to release the Pinal family and Mhoni Vidente also said that this loss would affect the family a lot, although he did not give names, since then it is known that Silvia Pinal has had relapses in his health and being 71 years old, he worries about his state of health.

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As we mentioned earlier, for now her daughter has said that Silvia Pinal is stable and that they expect her to leave the hospital soon.

As she said, her heart, kidney and lung studies are coming out perfect and also, she has an excellent mood although it is not yet known when she will be able to be discharged.

This is how, for now, Silvia Pinal will continue to be hospitalized and improving every day in what is in optimal conditions to be able to leave the hospital and return to her daily work next to her beloved family who has not yet abandoned the controversy starring her ex-husband and her granddaughter.

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