Mhoni Vidente assures the group world will be dyed red again

Mhoni Vidente assures the group world will be dyed red again (Instagram)

Mhoni Vidente assures the group world will be dyed red again | Instagram

The group world will once again be dyed red, the Cuban Mhoni Vidente assures that once again the show will dress in mourning since a group will go to the afterlife.

The seer assured that what happened with the group New generation It is not an isolated case and that again there will be a group that will go to the afterlife and this will be provoked.

Predicting Mhoni Seer he points out that it will be an attack that will end everything and even dared to give clues about who will be the character who will lose his life. The Cuban who became famous with her predictions in the Hoy program assured that it will be a man between 34 and 40 years old who will go to the afterlife and his name begins with the letter G or J, in addition to this happening in Sinaloa, the earth of the bands, or near Sonora.

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And there was still one more tr @ gedia, well another group that if it is going to be b @ l @ ceado or I see it in matters of shooting near Sinaloa or near Sonora, which begins with the letter G or J, which will have some 34 years, at most 40, specified the seer.

Mhoni Vidente pointed out that because of ties with people who work not very ordinarily, it will be that this group will be attacked, since he claims to be a friend of one side, he is an enemy of the other and that will be the situation that will end his dreams.

I had already commented to them that if you are someone’s friend, you are the other’s enemy and the m @ fías are constantly looking for group members to make their songs and all those things and unfortunately I tell you then if three are a guard, then hire another, he said .

The famous seer pointed out within her prediction that this situation was also the one that cut short the life of Jenni Rivera in that unfortunate plane “accident.”

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That is what happened to Jenni Rivera many years ago, she was there in Sabadazo when that situation happened and that I do believe that she was involved in a v3nganza of the m @ fia, said the Cuban without preamble.

Regarding the Nueva Generación group, Mhoni Vidente pointed out that they bought dr0g @ for their consumption, but they did not give them what they asked for, but another substance that risked their lives and unfortunately ended up with one of them.

Almost all the people in the bands, I am not saying all of them, got drunk and this band sent a request for something on drug issues and they gave them something else and sent them; mu3r3 one of the people in the bands, four are very serious and then you realize that you must take good care of yourself because that was an attack.

The famous Mhoni Seer he addressed this issue in his predictions section within the Aqui Contigo program. The Cuban has previously been part of programs such as Sabadazo and the Hoy program.

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It was when she was in Sabadazo that the Jenni Rivera tr @ gedia occurred, who at that time was a coach at La Voz México.

Mhoni Seer He claims to have met La Diva de la Banda on Televisa and warned her about her near future. The clairvoyant shared with the singer that something dark was haunting her and she had to take good care of herself, she recommended that she entrust herself to the Virgin Mary; however, being a Christian, Jenni did not focus her faith on her.

Only a couple of weeks later, Mhoni Vidente learned that her prediction had been fulfilled and Jenni Rivera was already in the afterlife.