Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for this weekend

Mhoni Seer’s Horoscope for this weekend | Instagram

The weekend has arrived and the dear Mhoni Seer has launched on her Twitter account horoscopes, day and lucky number for all his followers. You will surely be spectacular! Will you follow their advice?


“The third sign of earth and it is represented by a goat that this means that whenever it is a strong and persevering sign”, Mhoni Vidente assures that this sign will seek success at any place and when it seeks an ideal in life it does not rest until it is achieved no matter who takes it.

They are stubborn, mature-minded people and good people who will always help whoever needs it, which is why they are almost always doctors and lawyers.

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As for love, the seer shared that the Capricorn is a great lover and very good in terms of their partner, protectors, unfaithful and territorial; they never even leave a partner even though they are already with another.

Their magic number is 10 and the best day on Friday, which is why they are very partying. On the weekend you must be careful with money.

Do not lend so that your luck is not stolen, you carry out a purchase operation that will leave you very good profits, advice no longer look for that love that was not for you.


Third sign of fire, creative and intelligent, he always seeks success in his work environment and in the field of love, he is the most detailed and passionate for that reason he always has a stable partner in his life. As for health, its weak point is the stomach and the skin, Sagittarius must have frequent visits with the doctor to take care of their health.

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This sign seeks to transcend and be admired, they are generally social and religious leaders; however, their animal half makes them very talkative and they hardly keep any secrets.

Her magic number is 09 and her best day of the week is Friday. The weekend is to go on a trip, receive money that you did not expect, in love you will continue with your stable partner and talking about formalizing; Sagittarius singles will be a few days of fleeting love.

Be careful what you are going to sign, try to read everything you are doing well, beware of the evil eye, someone from your work tries to protect you with a talisman.


This weekend will be a lot of work and exams in your university studies, remember that your sign always likes to be very professional in everything it does. Mhoni advises you to try not to fall into provocations from your co-workers, remember that your light is very strong and that bothers them, just try to ignore them. Beware of lawsuits and court issues.

This sign is water and this makes you attract financial problems, try to pay your debts on time. These are days to start working on looking your best; the negative side is their lack of self-confidence, try to combat that defect and thus achieve your goals with more persistence and enthusiasm. Your magic number is 08 and your best day is Saturday.


Libra would have a weekend of positive changes in matters of your work environment and a proposal for a better salary could even arrive. Try not to fill yourself with grudges and negative thoughts, your sign is the most sociable in the zodiac and that is why he recommends you go out with your friends for a walk.

In the love sphere, your explosive character affects a lot, it begins to control you and not say words that you later regret; Do not look so much for a partner, let the same fate surprise you with a compatible love. Your magic number will be 07 and your best day on Friday,

Fill yourself with luck in your games of chance.

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Weekend of very strong changes in your professional environment, you are going to have a few days of transformation and you must be more cautious of everything that you are going to comment on with coworkers so that you do not have difficulties with your superiors later.

Remember that you are the second earth sign and that makes you passionate and very impulsive but you must begin to control your anger. You will sell your car or change it for a more recent one, you must take care of migraine and nerve problems, you will be a little low on your defenses.

They will invite you to a shopping business and you will do very well. Don’t be lazy, go back to the gym and continue with your diet, remember that your sign loves to be seen. You will make tuition payments and you decide on a master’s degree, you get a gift that you do not expect, your magic number is 06 and your best day is Sunday.

A love of the sign of Aries, Cancer or Libra will speak of firm commitment.


This is a weekend to make the important decisions to grow in the workplace, your sign will be going through a period of prosperity. It will be a few days with your partner of great stability and you will be very in love, determined to start a family. I read that they are single, a very compatible love will come to them.

You will know about the illness of a relative and you will be giving all your support, start a diet and exercise. Beware of skin infection problems, your sign loves the sun and being in contact with nature, but try to be more cautious in matters of your health and finances. Your magic number is 05 and your best day on Saturday in matters of making prosperity changes for your sign.


Feelings always predominate over reason because it is the first water sign, but it is so strong in their minds that they are great social leaders. Their great flaw is pride, they hardly ever allow themselves to be advised by anyone and they always try to impose their ideals on others.

Cancer is a sign of great character and that is imposed a lot in their work environment that is why they come to have the necessary success in their life. His ideal is to seek his safety and future with someone who takes care of him, his magic number is 04. In a matter of health, as the moon governs it a lot, they must take care of depressions and problems in a matter of nerves. Your best luck is Friday when it comes to gambling.

Do not look so much for love you let it only come into your life, on this day of your birthday I recommend you light a white candle and ask that you have many blessings in this new year that begins.


Weekend with very good positive energies around you, Gemini, that is why this sign is going through a time of prosperity in everything related to work issues. You will start with diet and exercise but try to be consistent. Beware of stomach health problems.

They give you a gift that you did not expect from a new love. Geminis are very helpful and great communicators, which is why they are great thinkers of their time. His magic number is 03 and his best day on Sunday is when luck will be at its maximum level.

Those ruled by this sign give a lot to suffer with people who are not for a sentimental relationship and cling to forbidden loves, but they are the great friends and advisers in life.


Very materialistic and looking for economic stability, but very homey. It is the cleanest and tidiest sign of the zodiac, they like to live well, they are the most skeptical. Smart sign, their weak point is the brain, they suffer from migraines and vices. Good lovers but bad providers. Very good for making money in business or in anything in sales, their magic number is 02 and their best day is Saturday.


Aries are very charismatic, but they are also free-spirited, something that becomes a problem when they find love, as they are afraid to compromise. He is also a great guide to those around him.

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As for health, Aries usually has problems with hormones and his mental state, meditating and exercising fills him with positive energy. They will seek well-being and abundance in their life, they are a great entrepreneur. In love as a good fire they are ardent and unfaithful, but they have a great virtue, being good providers to their family. Her magic number is 01 and her best day is Friday.

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