Mhoni Seer revealed Lucifer’s vision in heaven, the fallen angel became a trend on Twitter | Instagram

The famous astrologer Mhoni Seer It caused controversy after talking about a controversial image that circulated on social networks in days gone by.

The last night of the month of March, 31, point out that a strange image appeared in the sky, some people around the world noticed it so it was shared on social networks unleashing all kinds of controversies.

It is worth mentioning that the witnesses who captured the image They found a relationship with the classic work of the fallen angel painted by the French artist Alexander Cabanel in 1868, which reflects Lucifer defeated after a great battle with the archangel Saint Michael.

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The astrologer He did not remain indifferent to the peculiar vision and spoke about the predictions of the coronavirus, which he pointed out is closely linked to this event.

Today is March 24, they just said that we are in phase II of the coronavirus, I see that the contagion will be everywhere and everywhere.

Later, after the image went viral, the astrologer was also shared by the seer through her account.
 Facebook where he asked to pray a prayer.

On March 31 in the Sky of the #CdMx and part of the Republic of Mexico this figure was seen made by the Moon and the Clouds that gives the gaze of the Fallen Angel #Lucifer. Revelations will be given in Heaven. Today we first pray Psalm 91 and the Our Father for our protection #Mhoni (sic), ”said the Cuban.

In addition he also added:

And Archangel Michael Who is Like God said and Luzbell answers I am like God and I will no longer serve him and like a thunderbolt they threw him to the Earth along with 200 fallen angels and since then #Lucifer is against God (sic) ”.

Similarly, the controversial image was the target of various reactions on social networks, some referred to past events in which something was also reflected in the sky

Etna volcano erupting /// “The Fall of Lucifer” by Gustave Doré.

The Moon on the last day of March /// “The Fallen Angel (Lucifer)” by Alexandre Cabanel.

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And some others made memes of the event, as in most of the time it happens

How much pe% 0 do they bring with #Lucifer