MFS, Tell Me Why and Battletoads are a reality thanks to Game Pass, says Phil Spencer

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/16/2020 8:33 am

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Xbox Game Pass Not only is it one of the best deals for gamers today, it has provided a space for Microsoft to take risks and launch certain games that might not have seen the light of day otherwise. In a recent interview, Phil Spencer revealed that thanks to this service, three of the titles we saw this year are a reality.

In a talk with The Guardian, Specer revealed that the space provided by Xbox Game Pass gave them the opportunity to take a chance with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Tell Me Why and Battletoads. This was what he commented:

“I honestly don’t think we would have given Tell Me Why the green light if it weren’t for the Game Pass. It is an episodic game that is guided by history; you don’t see many of them being done. We knew that with the 15 million subscribers we have now it would be gambling and that people would get more involved in it than they would if there was a price tag of $ 30.

Even Flight Simulator is a game that we wouldn’t have given the green light to if we didn’t see Game Pass grow. We had a million Battletoads players! These are all examples of games that would be more complicated in a sales-only model ”.

Without a doubt, this only shows that the service will continue to grow in the future. In addition to all the Xbox first party releases and several third party releases, Game Pass Ultimate users also have access to EA Play, and in the future we will see more Bethesda games on the service.

In related topics, here we tell you everything that will come to Xbox Game Pass in the coming days. Similarly, users of the Ultimate version have access to a free month of Disney +.


Via: The Guardian

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