A mariachi band serenades medical personnel at the General Regional Hospital No. 66 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), while the coronavirus outbreak continues in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. July 10, 2020. . / José Luis González (JOSE LUIS GONZALEZ /)

MEXICO CITY, Jul 10 (.) – Mexico reported 6,891 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, a slower pace after two consecutive days of records of daily infections, according to data released by health authorities, which, however, called for respect of a gradual lack of confidence to mitigate the advance of the virus at signs of rebound.

Total coronavirus cases rose to 289,174, while the coronavirus-related deaths that emerged in China at the end of last year and the disease it causes, COVID-19, reported in the last few hours were 665, bringing the cumulative to 34,191.

« We still have half the epidemic left, » said Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell, presenting the latest figures on Friday at a press conference.

López-Gatell said that the traffic light with which the national level of misconduct is regulated would not be presented every week because they found that the « information is not consistent. » The traffic light is fed by the data provided by all the states of the country.

The official, who has acknowledged the death toll is higher than official data measures, said « worrying signs of rebound » have been found in some states, but gave no details.

Mexico still ranks fifth in coronavirus-related deaths, but very close to the numbers in Italy, one of the countries that has been hit hardest by the epidemic and so far reports nearly 35,000 deaths, according to a . count.

As for cases, the Latin American nation passed Spain this week and is in eighth place, below Chile, according to the count.

(Report by Adriana Barrera)