Mexico remembers 50 years of the debut of Chavo del Ocho on TV


The popular show “El Chavo del 8“which starred Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” and that was broadcast for decades in Latin America, was remembered this Sunday in Mexico, 50 years after its debut.

Without face-to-face tributes due to the health emergency caused by covid-19, the family of the legendary Mexican actor and writer, who died at the age of 85, celebrated five decades of the life of the successful series on social networks, which since 2020 was taken off the air.

Let’s celebrate these 50 years by applauding the creator and the family of the Chavo neighborhood! “Said Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of the actor, in a video posted on the program’s Instagram account.

Despite the fact that the successful series was broadcast uninterruptedly on Mexican television for 49 years, in August 2020 it was taken off the air of all the channels on which it was exhibited.

According to Mexican media, the actor’s family and the Televisa network would not have reached an agreement at that time on the rights of the program.

I remember perfect when it began to be an important part of television until it became the most important television program on the continent, “said Gómez Fernández in the video, without commenting on the future of the broadcast.

In the Instagram publication, the television producer showed several figures of the legendary character created by his father made with different materials and acquired in other countries in the region, in addition to the original scripts and costumes.

Let it come back to everyone on TV! “Wrote a user named SoldeAbril, who accompanied her comment with the hashtag # ElChavo50.

Chespirito was also the creator and interpreter of other unforgettable characters, such as El Chapulín Colorado, Quico, la Chilindrina, Don Ramón and Professor Jirafales.

He wrote, produced and directed programs that marked a milestone on television, and that 50 years after its creation continue to enjoy

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