Mexico maintains high numbers of daily deaths from COVID-19; recorded, in the last 24 hours, 550 deaths

In Mexico, to date, one million 32 thousand 688 total cases and 101 thousand 373 deaths from COVID-19 have been confirmed

The Health Secretary reported that in Mexico until today they were confirmed one million 32 thousand 688 total cases Y 101,373 deaths totals by COVID-19.

In the last 24 hours, 550 deaths and 6 thousand 719 positive cases were registered in the country due to the new coronavirus.

The CEO of epidemiology, Jose Luis Alomía Zegarra, stated that the number of positive cases estimated is 41,480 patients.

Occupancy of beds general hospitalization nationwide it is 37 percent. Six states in the country are above 50 percent occupancy in this area: Durango (79 percent), Coahuila (67 percent), Nuevo León (66 percent), Zacatecas (63 percent), Mexico City (60 percent), Chihuahua (60 percent).

The occupation of beds with fan nationwide it is 30 percent. The states with the highest occupancy in this area are Aguascalientes (60 percent), Mexico City (55 percent) and Nuevo León (50 percent)

Mexico remains the eleventh country with the most infections and the fourth with the most absolute deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

In the eight months of the pandemic in Mexico, COVID-19 has established itself as the fourth leading cause of death in the country, behind heart disease, diabetes and malignant tumors, according to data from the National Institute of Statistic and Geography (Inegi).

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