MEXICO – According to forecasts, the country’s capital and the Valley of Mexico are already in the most difficult week of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are already on the plateau, at the top,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Monday. “We have a 75% occupancy in intensive care.”

For this reason, the president trusted that soon there will be a decrease in the number of cases and even economic and social activities may begin to resume.

“And if there are problems, we backtrack, we rectify,” he added.

But in the meantime, the authorities called to continue with healthy distance measures, especially in those areas where various videos have confirmed that they even throw parties.

In many of these areas, the Police have been attacked, such as in a municipality in the State of Mexico, where they destroyed the patrols, arguing that the agents were going to infect them.

Jazive Pérez has the information.

At this stage of the pandemic, in various states they have had to implement drastic measures to contain the transit of people, because despite the phase and severity of the situation, mobility is increasing day by day.

In Durango, the warnings took effect. Every night, patrols roam the streets, arresting those who oppose staying at home.

Then a judge determines whether they pay a fine, remain under arrest for 36 hours, or, like many, do community work; fact that has been applauded by those who do keep the quarantine.

“I think it’s okay, that if they don’t pay the fine, they pick up the garbage, that there is a lot,” says Minerva Ortiz, residents of Durango.

Health authorities have anticipated that half of the cases are concentrated in 50 municipalities in the country, which will take longer to return to normal.