Mexico is experiencing an era of consultations that will provide checks and balances on power: Omar García


TO Through public consultation for Mexicans to determine whether or not they want former presidents to be prosecuted for mistakes, abuses and even crimes committed in the past, precedents will also be set for current and future leaders, which is why Mexico is living a new era that would allow to put checks and balances on power, considered Omar García, multi-member deputy and survivor of the Ayotzinapa case.

In an interview with Esteban Arce, from Imagen Informativa, García said that it is therefore important not only to promote the culture of public consultations, but, above all, that Mexicans participate either for or against.

We are not only going against those of the past, if this has results and is binding, what do you think will happen, those of the present and those of the future will not dare to make very serious decisions, because then they will think: Oh, the same thing that Salinas will happen to me, the same thing that Calderón will happen to me if I water it, if I step out of line with the population; if I am very corrupt or such. They are going to have to take care of themselves, they are going to have to put a brake on power, these are indeed counterweights … “

The interviewee recalled that the consultation proposal was born first from the citizen initiative and then the one presented by the President of the Republic, but that it arrived before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, but that the issue is the same.

However, he stressed that it is seen as an opportunity to deepen the democratic and participatory exercises of citizenship, since popular consultations are held in first world countries, in which many different issues of importance for a nation are asked.

He acknowledged that in Mexico there is no culture in this regard and less in the current context of polarization and qualifications, in which all are chairmen or fifis or everything is populism or everything is democratic development, which does not lead to anything.

He stressed that for the first time an exercise of this nature will be carried out, in the context of a Federal Leu for Popular Consultation that has existed since 2014, so it is not an invention of Morena, the party in power.

He stressed that not taking the population into account in relevant issues is linked to issues such as presidentialism, the vanguards in which there are leaders who, once elected, make decisions for the population, but it is true that they have disappointed because of what, By not taking the proper determinations, he should not be “let loose.”

He recalled that, according to the legal framework, popular consultations can only be held every three years and on issues of national, regional, state or local significance, depending on the matter.

He stressed that this exercise is not wanted to fail, given that “we are inaugurating a time of popular consultations for the future” and therefore promotional tours are already being carried out for Mexicans to attend the polls.

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