Mexico is declared a phase 2 coronavirus, says WHO | Instagram

The country of Mexico was in phase 1 of the coronavirus pandemic and refused to name itself Phase 2, but today the World Health Organization has declared officially in this second phase.

This Monday, March 23, Mexico has been classified at the level of contagion as local transmission, also known as phase 2, according to the WHO daily report.

They also reported that the country is already 367 confirmed cases of people infected with the covid-19 and has 4 people dead, confirming 2 of them today.

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The WHO puts Mexico in phase 2, which we should have been in for a week. There are community cases of #COVID ー 19 for days. It is striking that it is the WHO and not the Secretary of Health that declares this phase.

– Dr Francisco Moreno Sánchez (@ DrPacoMoreno1)
   March 24, 2020

One of the deaths happened in the state of Jalisco and another in Mexico City, both people detected with chronic diseasess.

According to WHO estimates, the pandemic is speeding up Its trajectory but can be modified by carrying out diagnostic tests on all cases and by quarantining the closest ones.

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Good for WHO. The Mexican government as always making a fool of itself.

We enter phase 2.

– Fernanda ‍♀️ (@ FerBetancourt9)
   March 24, 2020

More than 300 thousand cases of Covid-19 infection have been reported to date. It is heartbreaking. The pandemic is accelerating, we can change its trajectory, “said the WHO director-general.

The Phase 1 It is case import, that is, from people who contracted it outside the country, while the Phase 2 in which Mexico is considered to be, is because they begin to detect infections between people within the country without having traveled abroad.

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The World Health Organization @WHO announced today that Mexico entered phase 2 (of community contagion) and @HLGatell continues to think about it no, that we continue in phase 1. It is really sad to hear it …

– Beata Wojna (@BeataWojna)
   March 24, 2020

In this category it is already recommended do not say hello or kiss, cancel all lessons Y Massive events, close restaurants and bars.

It is worth mentioning that several state they had already opted for take these steps that correspond to the second phase.

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While the Phase 3, also known as phase epidemiological, is when the virus affects thousands of people from various locations.