Mexico has the first honest president in years: Alberto Fernández

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, maintained that Mexico has the first honest and decent president in many years, referring to the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador and assured that both will go down in history as the heads of state who faced the coronavirus pandemic.

During his participation in La Mañanera, Fernández explained that in Argentina a call was made to the population to stay at home to « put on its feet » the health system. He noted that one year after the start of the health emergency there is not a single Argentinian who has been denied medical care.

« Andrés Manuel and I pWe’ll grind down history like the presidents of the pandemic, how to rule the unknown. We must all learn along the way how to deal with this problem. It is very easy to judge with numbers, it is very difficult to govern in the pandemic, ”he said.

Given the criticism of López Obrador’s rejection of wearing a mask, the Argentine president considered it imprudent to judge the President of Mexico for this type of action.

“Confess something that I did not think appropriate: Mexico has the first honest president in many years, the first decent president in many years and when I hear him speak as he speaks, act, every day I verify that more and more ”, he pointed out.