Mexico, free subscription to adult movies page for coronavirus | .

A pleasant surprise for Mexicans due to the coronavirus is that they can have a free subscription at known adult page.

This is not the first news item shared by this page since this measure had already been taken a few weeks ago but in the European continent, in Italy to be more precise.

Just like him COVID-19 traveled from country to country this premium subscription He is also doing it and in an excellent way, because it is one more pretext to stay at home.

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Quarantine is one of the best measures we can take to avoid more infections like there are so far.

The page will not only put the version Free Premium in your country, as it has already done in others, but it has also taken some initiatives to support this pandemic.

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One of them has been to donate five hundred thousand surgical masks to various hospitals and health centers in NY, The state most affected in the United States by Covid-19.

“Stay home and help flatten the curve! Since COVID-19 continues to impact everyone, it has decided to extend Free Premium worldwide until April 23. So enjoy, stay home and stay safe” message from the official page.

It is essential to stay at home isolated, and what better than with a premium subscription and especially free where you can enjoy the best content of this type of movies.

Perhaps for a certain segment of the population, this news is quite irrelevant for those who enjoy this content, not only, in addition to the fact that the company not only cares about its content and subscribers, but has been very supportive of the community with certain donations you have made.

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In Italy he will donate the earnings of the month March for the creation of hospitals or simply financial support, which until now is what is most needed.

Another humanitarian action carried out by the page was that for a certain number of reproductions on the page they would dedicate themselves to planting a tree in order to help the environment.

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