Mexico dominates the Youth Cup of weights with 20 medals; they tasted like glory to us, says Alvarado

Mexico dominates the Youth Cup of weights with 20 medals; they tasted like glory to us, says Alvarado

Rosalía A. Villanueva

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, November 20, 2020, p. a11

Weightlifters were competing online in the Junior World Cup for more than a week, winning in both branches with 20 medals: seven gold, three silver and 10 bronze. They tasted great to us and gave us enormous satisfaction for the situation in which we are with the pandemic (of Covid-19), said Rosalío Alvarado, president of the Mexican Federation of the specialty.

With 17 selected, a great role was played, highlighted the FMLP head, without overlooking the performance of the 16-year-old Tamaulipas, Casandra Michel Vélez, winner of three gold medals in 49 kilograms.

His coach Joaquín Castañeda is very young. The Institute did not believe in him. When the results were given he was throwing ropes of pleasure. I believe that we must trust our athletes and coaches not to discourage them and we must support them to continue with the project of the Mexican weight school, says the leader, who has not stopped receiving congratulations for the performance of Mexico in the recent Youth World Cup organized for Peru.

They were months of preparation for two teams with the support of their entities by providing equipment for training, competing in gyms or at home due to confinement, and even so, we did quite well in the contest endorsed by the International Federation and the Pan American Confederation.

In the last competition everything was defined, we knew that the women had contributed more medals and those helped us. The men were missing and it was also won by teams, although not with so many medals, but they gave a good result to be absolute champions (in both branches), said Alvarado.

In the men’s branch, 29 countries were registered and Mexico achieved first place ahead of Chinese and Poles, while in women there were 26 nations and monarchs were proclaimed, followed by Poland and Peru.

With two competitions in Sub 20 and the traditional tournament of the Pavo de San Luis Potosí in its 52nd edition, the 2020 calendar will end from December 7 to 14, however, work continues with the preselections for the Tokyo Olympic fair to be held next year; I hope they can win the eight places that we have estimated, as well as the Youth Olympic Games (Dakar 2026) so that they arrive strong and where we have won two medals, a gold and a bronze.