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Mexico, Jul 28 . .- The Secretary of Security of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, reappeared this Tuesday in public and promised to achieve « peace » in the city after the hard attack on his life on June 26 , and confirmed that the attack was perpetrated by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).
In his first appearance before the media after the attack, in which three people died, García Harfuch said that those who think they could weaken the fight against crime in Mexico City were « wrong ».
« There are thousands of marine police, military and public ministries who, like their servants, are willing to take the risks that are necessary for our city to live in peace, » he said.
According to data from the Executive Secretariat, the capital accumulates 717 intentional homicides in the first half.
Hours after the attack, García Harfuch himself, with a message on Twitter from the hospital, where he arrived with three bullet wounds, indicated that the attack had been carried out by the CJNG, considered one of the most dangerous groups in the country and the world.
« The statement (to the aforementioned cartel) was based on previous statements we had since August 2019. I made a first statement before the Public Ministry and I am about to testify once again, » he reiterated at a remote press conference.
García Harfuch reported this Tuesday that « the people who participated in the attack have already been identified with certainty, including the subject who helped organize the attack, as well as those who ordered it. »
« Do you maintain that it was the Jalisco Cartel? » The official was asked and he replied: « Of course, yes. »
On whether there are indications of a possible leak of information regarding the people in charge of his security, García Harfuch said that when an event of such magnitude occurs, the investigation becomes very extensive.
« Although there is no suspicion as such, the investigations continue and cover not only members of the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC), but everything surrounding this case is investigated. There is no indication here that there has been a information leak « , he pointed out
Despite this, the official noted that the investigations continue by the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) in the capital and by the intelligence and investigation areas of the SSC.
The official said he had not received threats about a possible attack, although he did have messages, previously his charge, which he described as « nothing serious. »
« More than threats, what is detected are intentions for these people to attack, » he explained.
Regarding his recovery, he noted that it is a long process and of his seven wounds, two require constant rehabilitation, but he said he feels good.
In the brutal attack, which occurred in the exclusive area of ​​Lomas de Chapultepec in the Mexican capital, two escorts of the capital’s security chief and a street vendor who were driving a vehicle to their usual point of sale died.
In the shooting, the armored truck in which García Harfuch was traveling was totally destroyed by hundreds of large-caliber bullet impacts, since the criminals used Barrett-type long weapons and also carried fragmentation grenades in an artisanal armored vehicle, according to the Secretariat. of Citizen Security.
A day later, Mexico City authorities reported that 19 people had been detained in connection with the attack, including the possible mastermind, and that in the minutes following the attack, 12 people were captured.