Mexico and the US extend partial border closure until December 21

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) announced that Mexico and the United States agreed to extend by 30 days plus non-essential travel restrictions on their common land border.

The measures will be in force, at least, until December 21, 2020. They reported that Mexico asked the United States to maintain land transit restrictions for another month, after reviewing the development of the spread of Covid. 19.

“Both countries will coordinate health measures in the border region that will be in effect until 11:59 p.m. of December 21, 2020 ”, the SRE communicated on its Twitter account.

The restrictions will be maintained in the same terms in which they have been developed since their implementation on March 21.

The border of Mexico with the United States, which extends over more than 3,000 kilometers, is also one of the busiest in the world with more than a million people crossing each day and exchanging goods and services worth 1.7 billion dollars a day.

Who should not travel across the land border?

Access by land will be denied to those traveling for tourist or recreational purposes. For example, those who cross to the United States to go on vacation, to visit relatives or to shop at the malls.

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Who is allowed to travel across the land border?

1) To work in the agriculture sector.

2) To attend an educational institution.

3) To receive medical treatment.

4) To support in emergency work as a public official, reinforcement for the government or emergency personnel.

5) As a worker involved in cross-border trade.

6) Military or diplomats who will carry out operations.

7) US citizens and permanent residents returning to the US.

All foreigners requesting entry to the United States must have a valid visa and passport, as well as receive authorization from a Customs officer. They may ask you for proof that your trip is essential. Consider it.

Can you travel to the United States by plane?

Mexicans can travel to the United States by plane. These trips are not suspended, but before boarding check the policies with your airline: if you must wear face masks, spaced seats or other sanitary measures due to the contingency. In addition, some changed routes.

Can you cross into the United States on the Cross Border Xpress?

Travel from Mexico to States by Cross Border Xpress They are freely allowed for American citizens and residents, as well as for Mexicans traveling with official documentation that proves their essential reason for traveling.

Through a statement, CBX indicates that: “Travel restrictions remain in effect, requiring non-US citizens to demonstrate that their travel is essential. Passengers whose purpose of travel is considered essential may cross with official documentation ”.

“Non-essential” trips, such as those for tourist purposes, are restricted from Tijuana to San Diego.

So far, there is no restriction for passengers traveling from the United States to Mexico and crossing through CBX. However, “passengers traveling south must fill out a questionnaire that will be reviewed by the corresponding Mexican authorities.”

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