MEXICO – Elia Monroy, her husband and her friends are already known in the largest fruit and vegetable market in the Mexican capital.

“And we already have the list made, the quantities and the quotation have already been drawn.”

Professionals who until a few days ago worked teaching arts, walk the corridors of the Central de Abasto at least three times a week choosing merchandise, because in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic they had to find a new way of supporting themselves and helping others. .

“There are secluded people who cannot get out because they are vulnerable and people who are having a very bad time, because they are not having the resources due to this quarantine,” says Monroy.

With that idea, they created a project called “Do Tribu” mobile garden, through which people make their orders by phone or internet, but also offer the option that customers can give someone in need products and food that already do not use at home.

We are Do Tribe, a mobile garden for people and for the heart.

In the face of the uncertainty generated by the global emergency unleashed by # Covid19, initiatives such as Do emerge. # QuédateEnCasa having the security of continuing to acquire fresh and sanitized collection at the doors of your home. Our model includes the Solidarity Purchase, Fair Purchase and Foodsharing modality. Follow us on our networks and be part of the Do Tribu ….. Facebook / / do.tribuemail:

Posted by Do on Friday, April 10, 2020

“At the end of the day what worries us is that there cannot be a child, a single father, an older adult who does not have health, well-being and therefore a food on the table,” says Leopoldo Calvillo, who supports the project.

After the purchases, all the merchandise is thoroughly disinfected, packed in bags and given the final touch: a message written by little Marián, who with colored letters seeks to make people happy.

“In these times, hope is important,” says Marián Lugo.

And that’s when good wishes run through the streets.

The work and work of these entrepreneurs ends just when they ring the bell of each house and deliver the orders, because this prevents many families from going out on the street and taking risks.

In addition, they also help by giving donations to those who have the least and urged Mexicans to show solidarity in these times when we all need a hand.