Mexicans don’t have free time

Among greater responsibilities, maintaining the connection after hours is almost a requirement.

Some mentioned that their company requires them to be available 24 hours a day.

46% said that after hours, they do not think or work on anything related to their job.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the employment landscape for many people. For the vast majority, the main challenge was to adapt to the “home office”. Balancing life in quarantine with office tasks was not easy. And one of the main complaints from people was the workload abuse and the fact that work schedules were completely broken, covering any point of the day. For many companies, “work at home” was synonymous with total readiness. Thanks to the incredible connection capacity that the internet gives us, many jobs became more stressful than when we had to attend a physical place. This is the general sentiment of Mexicans, who assure that they cannot disconnect from work in their free time.

A survey conducted by OCCMunidal investigated how much Mexican workers manage to put aside their work once their hours are over. Do you turn off your computer and can you go about your personal life? Do you leave the earrings for the next day? How is he balance between your family life and the office? How much is rest respected? 46% said that once after hours, they do not think or work on anything related to their employment, although they said they had the possibility of contact open for any emergency that might occur. On the other hand, it was 52% who said they were unable to leave work when they were supposed to.

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Of the aforementioned 52%, 31% commented that in their free time He continues to engage in answering calls or emails. Here it was pointed out that between greater responsibilities, with a higher position that puts them in command of a team, maintaining the connection after hours is almost a requirement. The other 21% said that they are still aware of work even on their days off. On the one hand, there were those who said they did it for the pleasure of carrying out their activities, but, on the other, some mentioned that their company requires them to be available 24 hours a day. Finally, in the general survey, the last 2% did not choose any of the aforementioned options, but they did say they were concerned about the pending both at work and outside of it.

On the other hand, another OCCMundial survey said that 37% of Mexicans consider that the work environment worsened in recent months, since the quarantine began. 35% think that everything remains the same and only 26% say that the situation has improved. It is interesting to consider that companies said that productivity in this time has not decreased, but has been maintained or has managed to be “very high”, since COVID-19 closed the whole world, with eight out of 10 companies with this opinion. However, not only have they failed to communicate this to their employees, but they have not given any improvement or appreciation for such performance, at least in the opinion of several workers.

OCCMundial reveals that 49% of Mexican workers feel undervalued in their jobs. The aspects that they value the most is that their salary remains the same and that there is the possibility of doing a “home office”. But as for something extra, like bonuses, raises or promotions, they see great deficiencies. 81% said that they would especially value extra days of rest, as a way of thanking the effort they have been making since the quarantine began in Mexico. In his opinion, it is the most important method of eliminating work stress and other symptoms of heavy workloads. Only 9% said that verbal recognition would be sufficient and 3% mentioned options such as courses or legal advice.