Mexican store seeks to lead e-commerce in Mexico

Due to the current situation, the most anticipated sale of the year is from November 9 to 20 to offer tranquility and security to the population, in order not to spread COVID-19.

Here we present a series of relevant data about The good end 2020 that you should know. There are two great challenges for this year’s edition, to boost the country’s economy and take care of the health of all Mexicans. Therefore, participating businesses and brands must verify compliance with the healthy distance and prohibit the entry of consumers who do not comply with the mandatory sanitary measures.

Also this year the Good End app was launched in Marketplace, Google play, APP Store and in Huawei APP Gallery, in which the participating companies will be able to enter their offers, prices and geolocation, as well as information on the health protocols of the new normal. is one of the companies that participates again in this sale, a 100% Mexican Grupo Carso company offering a wide variety of offers and promotions with the aim that people consent, after such a complicated year, with 100% secure purchases . There are more than 500 thousand original products where users can pay through Paypal, charge to receipt Telmex up to 36 months, VISA, Mastercard, Oxxo, 7 eleven, Sears departmental cards, Sanborns, bank transfer and Carnet and Inburvale pantry voucher cards.

It is the perfect sale to acquire technology items such as smartphones, screens, tablets and others. Claro Shop has its own application available on iOS and Android allowing users to purchase products from their cell phone without exposing themselves when leaving home.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

When making purchases from the app, the user can monitor the status of the order and enjoy benefits such as free shipping from $ 499 MXN and check the available balance of their Telmex credit to buy in Claro Shop.

El Buen Fin is the perfect opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts. Historically, the best-selling products are electronics, appliances, clothing, footwear, groceries, mobile phones, health and hygiene, travel, cars, toys and, in the last year, the purchase of food and beverages grew exponentially because people take advantage of this sale and prepares for the December holidays. Claro Shop offers its customers offers with up to 50% discount on screens, household items, sports clothing and accessories, toys and pets. Cell phones can be found with up to 40% discount, computation up to 30% discount and fashion with up to 60% discount.

Use months without interest for products or services that you cannot pay in a single exhibition, Claro Shop offers up to 24 MSI with participating cards until November 20 and up to 36 months charged to Telmex receipt without credit bureau and the first payment is carried out until the following month, “buy now and pay later” mode.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

Take advantage of all these promotions and buy from the comfort of your home with the app or visit

In addition to the offers and promotions for this Good End, Claro shop in support of entrepreneurs who have their own brand invites them to reach millions of potential customers with the option to create their virtual store within the platform, with special shipping rates , free publication, fulfillment (a product storage system for your warehouses) and with express delivery. Like the rest of the other brands, it can be sold with a Telmex receipt and all forms of payment, all the time they will have personalized attention from the commercial team.

Courtesy of Claro Shop