Mexican politics uses scene from El Planeta de los Apes (R) evolution for its electoral campaign – Tomatazos

If there is anything that characterizes the election season, it is that all the candidates seeking to obtain a government position do whatever it takes to get the attention of the voters. With just under a month to go until Mexico’s 2021 federal elections, there have been no shortage of social media memes that have emerged thanks to many of the attempts by candidates to get people’s attention on sites like Twitter, where each Some day politician is the mockery of hundreds of users for the content they share on the platform.

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A week ago, it was Layda Sansores, the candidate for governor of Campeche as a member of the National Regeneration Movement party, also known as Morena, who gave much to talk about when she shared a post in which she parodied Beth Harmon, the main character of the award-winning Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, known on this side of the world as the Queen’s Gambit – 93%, which has actress Anya Taylor-Joy as the protagonist.

In this publication, he imitated the photograph in which Taylor-Joy is seen in front of a chessboard, resting her head on her two hands. This is the image that usually appears in the Netflix catalog when users search for the series in the streaming service’s catalog, and given the popularity it has enjoyed since its arrival on the platform (it was the third most viewed in 2020 with 62 million views), it was logical that it would not go unnoticed on the social network.

The candidate immediately became the target of ridicule that included memes for comparing herself with the image of the series and although that seemed to have remained in the past, Layda Sansores He did it again by using another recent element of popular culture to get attention on Twitter.

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On this occasion, what he shared on the social network was the video of one of the scenes from the recent Planet of the Apes franchise, precisely the end of Planet of the Apes (R) evolution – 82%, which is the moment when Will (James Franco) follows the apes that went to the forest, to later meet César (Andy Serkis), who warns him that the humans are going to kill them and asks him to go with him to protect him, but he reveals that he can speak by telling him that he is “at home”, implying that he is going to stay there.

What changes in the publication of the candidate is the line that César says, going from “I’m at home” to “Morena is going to win”, also assuring in the tweet that “even César knows it”, referring to winner in the elections that will take place in June this year. But the teasing was immediate, since the comments said that Sansores was Caesar, while others assured that the comparison was cruel for the ape that stars in the film series.

The Planet of the Apes is a reboot franchise of the films that were released in the 60s and is characterized by its criticism of the greed of large corporations to fill themselves with money in the largest possible amounts. The films, two of them directed and written by Matt Reeves, not only delved into that topic but also offered audiences a narrative that touches the reality of apes with great sensitivity, but also with the hardness necessary to make the public reflect and then After the release of his third film, it was considered a much better product than the original films.

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